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KISSHI™ Bear Mirror Gloss Lip Glaze

KISSHI™ Bear Mirror Gloss Lip Glaze

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Power up your pout to the next level using this juicy-lips hydrating beauty gloss!


This lovely lip gloss provides a nice subtle touch of tint and the prettiest blend of dewy, glass sheen that touches the lips in an easy stroke. Making your pout look summery dreamy and naturally fuller and plumper that are sure to get envied by everyone. It comes in 6 stunning ultra-shine shades that look good for a variety of makeup styles and on diverse skin-tones. Available in peach, dragon, pompadour, dancing rose, carnival, and ribbon color selections with cute bear shaped cap sealing! No worries as all gloss shades offer a non-runny formula that kisses the lips with a gorgeous juicy-looking finish without being sticky. 


The juicy lip gloss also adopts lightweight, hydrating consistencies that nicely drenched and nourish your drying, chapped pout all day. It helps to keep your lips in tip-top condition and feeling softer than ever while rocking a stellarly pigmented dewy appearance. What’s more? This beauty gloss promotes an excellent long-wearing effect that can sit lovingly over the lips without budging, smearing, and fading. Formulated with the highest-grade ingredients that are tested safe for everyday use without irritations and discomfort. The perfect cosmetic addition to slay on dates, summer fest, concerts, parties, vacations, picnics, valentine, everyday wear, and such.

Gloss your way to soft, healthy-looking luscious tinted lips with just a wash of this juicy-lips hydrating beauty gloss!

Lip Plumping Gloss

A perfect go-to lip cosmetic that leaves a subtle wash of color pop and the prettiest of fresh and dewy glass sheen to complete your overall glam. Providing you with an effortless, summer carefree charm or fairy-like look in just a single stroke that is sure to make you stand out everywhere. Moreover, it even effectively enhances your pout to appear much naturally fuller and plumper. No worries as this lip beauty’s juicy lustrous glaze finish stays lovingly on top of the lips without dripping or mess unlike with other runny lip gloss. Suitable for various makeup looks, including korean style, TikTok makeup, Y2K, and so much more.  


Ultra-Hydrating Effect

This juicy lip gloss not only delivers the best coloration and dewyness, but it also kisses the lips with a nice hydration effect. It is even formulated with a blend of nourishing ingredients that feels comfortably lightweight and super soft. Allowing the gloss to successfully retain a proper amount of water to your quenched pout to keep them from drying out and chapping even after a long wear. Making your lips incredibly plump, healthy, and extra kissable all day no matter the seasons are.


Smudge-Proof Formula

The hydrating lip gloss adopts an impressive staying power that leaves you with flawless, weightless gorgeous glowy lips all day long. It can withstand rainy days, chilly days, and the sweatiest of days without the tint fading or the gloss drying out. Furthermore, this lip gloss even allows you to eat and drink without the awkward smudging and smears. You can now have that beautifully pigmented, healthy-looking color and clear sheen lips with little to no reapplying needed anymore!


Premium Quality

Formulated with cruelty-free, and lip-loving easy-to-wear ingredients that strikes the perfect balance of shade, gloss, and long-wearing performance. Each color style supplies a non-runny and non-goopy formulation that layers gorgeously over the lips without feeling sticky. This hydrating beauty lip gloss is also 100% safe to be used daily without causing irritations, itchiness, swelling, soreness, and other lip discomfort.


Multi-Scene Application

This juicy lip gloss comes in a mini tube-like container with a cute bear-shaped sealing cap that secures the content from dripping out. It offers 6 ultra shiny, trendy tinted shades that can flatter all lip shapes and matches different makeup looks and OOTDs. Available in peach color, dragon color, pompadour color, dancing rose color, carnival color, and ribbon. The best lip cosmetic to slay on dates, summer fest, concerts, parties, holidays, vacations, picnics, valentine, everyday wear, and more possibilities.



  1. Gently exfoliate your lips if they are dry or flaky to ensure a smooth application.
  2. Twist open KISSHI Bear Mirror Gloss Lip Glaze and use the applicator wand to apply the product to the center of your bottom lip. Glide the wand along the contours of your lips, working your way to the outer corners.
  3. Gently press your lips together to evenly distribute the gloss. This step helps to ensure a smooth and consistent application.


Formulation: Liquid
Benefits: Hydrating
Color: #01 - Peach, #02 - Dragon, #05 - Pompadour, #06 - Dancing Rose, #07 - Carnival, #08 - Ribbon

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